When working with mpulse tenats that have a global user base, it can be safe to assume that they will have user privacy settings per region. For example, a customer had a requirement that we don’t create cookies on the user’s browser if they have opted out of any analytics.

Note: In this customers use case they set a cookie in the user’s browser that indicates if they have opted out or not.

This does not mix well with mPulse, because it not only looks at page views but also looks at the user’s sessions and this is done by it creating the “RT” cookie on the user’s browser. To comply with this requirement we could simply create match criteria around the mPulse Property Manager behavior and exclude it from getting executed.

Warning: This means that we lose all visibility on mPulse for those users that opted out via their privacy Settings/Cookie.

The proposed solution is to make mPulse cookieless for the users that opt-out of having any cookies getting set on their browser.

Warning: This means we lose session data but we don’t lose all visibility into their performance and other insights captured by mPulse.

To do so, all we need to do is create a new Property Manager rule that matches when the opt-out cookie exists and create a second mPulse behavior within it. In this mPulse behavior set the config override to remove the RT cookie with the following snippet.

PM Override

JSON Snippet

    "RT": {           
        "cookie": ""  

For our use case, this created the question of how many users are opting out. So we created a custom dimension to provide the visibility that they did not have.

Privacy Dimension